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Dean Dalton


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Dean is a Director of DaltonPlan®. His background has always revolved around business. Heis extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic and has established and sold 2 very successful businesses – one in manufacturing and one in retail. He tripled the sales of a manufacturing company he once managed, within 12 months.

DaltonPlan® began evolving in 1990 when Dean’s friends and associates where coming up with new business concepts and inventions. They had the ideas, and were keen to hone their business skills further.  Many asked Dean for advice. He formulated a powerful business model that drew on all the practical business principles, (many taught to him by his father) and business studies he completed at Victoria University – a fusion of street credibility and proven Harvard Business School models.

DaltonPlan® clients spend three, entire, uninterrupted days with Dean, focusing on ways to grow their business. They receive practical advice on how to increase their profits in a variety of ways, putting more money in their pocket. They also learn how to  streamline their business operations and eliminate recurring problems making it easier to potentially franchise their operation at a later date.

DaltonPlan® has been recognised by major Trading Banks, Government Departments, Lion Breweries, NZTE Business Services Providers, NZ Retailers Association, Registered Master Builders and Plumbers and a number of other national organisations.

Dean offers a free one hour initial business consultation.