Health and Safety in the Workplace


NZ Based Health & Safety One Stop Shop!

At OSHbox, we pride ourselves on being the One Stop Safety Shop – looking for advice, systems or templates? As consultants we can help in all areas…looking for safety equipment, signage or clothing? Check out our online shop!

We make health and safety simple!

Every week we receive enquiries from people wanting to know what systems they need to have at work to comply with the Health and Safety Act and the latest regulations and requirements for their industry – and what it would take to get those systems in place.

Those same people have 3 other requirements:
They don’t have the time to put together a system themselves, so they want it to be simple
They are concerned that they will miss something if they do it themselves, so they want someone to help
They don’t want it to cost a fortune

How it works…

Every business has different requirements, so an off the shelf generic health and safety manual won’t work – you need a system that is customised to the work you do and the size of your company. We’ve designed a system that can be tailored to any industry and any size business and we’ve set the pricing to mirror this – so you actually only pay for what you need.

We offer free initial consultations (because lets face it, if you set aside a few days, you could google it) and during that time we’ll provide you with our recommendations and a quote for us helping you to write and implement your system.

Our vision is to show small to medium size businesses that implementing and running a workplace health and safety system can be really easy – and you know in the long-run it could not only save you money, but also save your employees and colleagues from injury.

Our promise – we’ll show you how simple it can actually be.