Business Planning for Hospitality in New Zealand

DaltonPlan® understands hospitality. Full of fun and vibrant personalities. It’s vital to the backbone of the New Zealand economy. So how do you tame this beast to run a profitable and efficient business?

Your days are full and busy. You enjoy what you do but you also want to be able to take holidays to keep yourself refreshed and energised. Can your staff run the business without you? DaltonPlan® can show you how you can achieve this.

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– Dean Dalton, Director, 04 3836 537.

Business Planning for Hospitality in New Zealand Lion Partners ProgrammeLion Partners Programme

"My business partner and I have completed a fantastic business planning workshop for both our restaurant business and our separate bar business with Dean Dalton from DaltonPlan® and were so impressed I thought it might be worth mentioning it as something of real value for you. The intensive three-day workshops involved us analyzing every aspect of our business in a huge amount of detail, covering everything from marketing, operations, finance, costings and business strategy right through to our succession plan, how we were going to eventually get out of our businesses at some stage in the future.

Even with our experience in the industry we were able to come away with a fresh appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of our business and an achievable action plan for some considerable savings due to the work Dean’s work on costings and organisational structures including mapping every important system in the business using flow charts.

With the knowledge we gained from the workshops opening another business location would be not only easier but have a far greater certainty of success because of the work that Dean does in ensuring you identify and hit target markets. With the hospitality industry getting a little tighter out there it would be great to ensure that you keep the edge in the market place and this is certainly something that would help new business development and existing business owners that may be in need of a little refocusing."

Business Planning for Hospitality in New Zealand MatterhornCuisine Magazine NZ Restaurant of the Year Award Supreme Winner 2008 Wellington

Business Planning for Hospitality in New Zealand Mighty MightyNZ Bartender Magazine Best Bar Award 2006, 2007, 2008 Wellington