How to Improve Your Business in New Zealand

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"We opened a traditional style café in 2004, open 7 days and 5 nights. Working with Dean, from DaltonPlan®, helped us to revisit some sound business principals that had slipped away over the years.

We have since focused on putting some processes in place that have definitely paid off and have helped to free up some of our time as the business owners.

The flow charts Dean created with the staff are easy to follow and it’s easy to take new staff through a flow chart, which makes training much easier and saves a lot of time.
The industry benchmarks that DaltonPlan® have developed really helped us. It’s useful to know what the higher achievers in your industry are doing and to have something to aim at.

Dean’s 12-month support service after the plan has been really vigilant. Making sure we’re concentrating on the process. He seems to get a genuine kick out of seeing our success and is happy to help.

We measure our success by having just been able to take a five week holiday to the USA and to return to a well-run, happy restaurant /café/bar with our good staff."

How can I improve my business?


Best Ever Performance

Organisation is important.

Working long hours won’t always make a difference to your bottom line.

To improve your business you need to efficiently prioritise your tasks.

Advancing and growing the business is your goal, but what steps do you need to take?

A structured workflow will enable continuous improvement of your business performance.

You will know what needs to be achieved.

Immediate improvements you can make to your business


“What are Benchmarks for Profitability and How Do I Achieve Them?”