How Do I Sell My Business for the Best Price?

DaltonFilesLogo-2.pngDean Dalton, former Director of Dalton Files & Furniture Ltd and current Director at DaltonPlan® talks about his personal business selling experience

"Confidentiality is crucial when selling a business so I will use my earlier businesses as a best practice example. I have established and sold three successful businesses.

I achieved my asking price each time because the buyer could clearly see what they were buying. The major components that drive the business were well documented. This included the financials, the marketing and the operations flowcharts. A well documented strategic and business plan takes away all the guess work and goes a long way towards securing an offer for your asking price".

Dean achieved his asking price for Dalton Files & Furniture Ltd thanks to his systematic and effective approach.

How do I get the price I want?


Determine a Price

Selling your business is exciting.

Taking the right steps to prepare everything will help you to get the right price.

You will want to ensure certainty for the buyer so that they can be confident in their purchase.

Being able to show how success is created is crucial.

Discover the steps that will prepare your business for sale

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