Business Mentors

Learn how to grow profits consistently and run your business like an expert.

You can have more confidence when you make important business decisions because you can talk to your business mentor about problems, challenges, and ideas.

You can grow your business when you grow as a business owner.

Implementing a series of proven systems and strategies with your business mentor will give you guidance, helping you to achieve your business goals. You will be encouraged and held accountable by your business mentor secure in the knowledge that you are following a proven set of guiding business principles.

It is important that you choose a mentor that is right for you. The better the rapport you have, the more effective the relationship will be. This leads to the question of whether the relationship will be worth the cost.

Think of a mentor as a part time employee, who works to raise profits. A good business mentor will pay for themselves over several months by increasing the level of profit of your business.

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Michael Christenhusz - Plumbers Supreme Gaslink, Wellington

"I was beginning to feel burnt out."

20161007-untitled-2.jpg“My plumbing and gas fitting business' were doing really well with 12 full-time staff and a retail showroom. 

I was virtually rushed off my feet with customer inquiries.
I suppose you’re thinking, ‘I wouldn’t mind that sort of problem’, but it left me no time for anything else.

I was beginning to feel burnt out.

Taking time out with Dean made me see there was a better way of working. It all came down to putting in place a few basic flow charted systems in place.

I now feel like I’m running the business – it’s not running me.”