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How to Motivate Staff to Run a More Profitable Job for Tradies

Many of my trade clients have the same issues with the productivity of their tradespeople on site. Together, with their staff, we have developed flow charts to eliminate any wasteful downtime on site once the job begins. We called this process Starting a Job on Site.

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How do I get my business into the social media space and do it well?

Social media is still a fairly new marketing platform for a lot of business owners.

Some organisations find social media scary, have limited resources or lack the expertise

in-house to maximise their accounts.

You can help yourself to eliminate the above issues by specialising in the key areas below.

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Tradies - What's Happening in Your Market?

I have just received BDO’s Construction Survey Report and thought that I would summarise it here for you. They found that fragile businesses that lack the necessary robustness face the risk of entering a downward spiral. In their words, “There are too many in the industry for comfort!”

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Increase Your Labour Capacity with Skilled Migrants

I’ve been working with a few of my clients over the past few months who desperately need to add more skilled labour to their workforce. Some have larger jobs on the go and require skilled people immediately.

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IRD’s New Accounting Income Method (AIM)

Managing cash flow made simpler

AIM makes managing cash flow simpler because provisional tax payments are based on a business’s actual results, rather than on the previous year’s earnings or estimated earnings for the current year.

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May 2018

Better Systems Mean More Freedom

Everyone wants to free up more time to be able to work on their business, not in it - and take a stress-free holiday. Everyone wants to work smarter, not harder. (See the way I managed to slip two old clichés into the same paragraph). They may be old, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not still true!

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March 2018

SEO Pro 2018: Your Guide to Starting the Year with Flair

It’s a good way to update your knowledge about how Google currently treats Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and apply this to your own website.

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What are Your New Goals for 2018?

At the start of each financial year you need to review, and celebrate, how well you have performed against your current year’s goals and then set new ones for the new financial year.

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January 2018

Avoiding the pitfalls of 90-day trial periods.

Make sure that new employees sign thero employment agreement before they start working for you...

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March 2017

Why Social Media is Important for Your Business.

Here we are in March and the year is steaming along already. I want to introduce to you to what I have learned about Social Media so that you might use this to increase your sales for this year.

By now, you are probably aware of social media, but you’re not really sure whether it’s necessary for your business or not. That’s fine. It is still a very new thing, and there is a lot to it. To read more click HERE


December 2016

Our Year That Was 

Well, after 43 years in Wellington, Jo and I have been living in beautiful Mount Maunganui for just over four years now and we love it. We moved into our holiday home here in September 2012, which we have owned for 22 years, and have done some redecorating and reorganizing to suit our new lifestyle here on the beach.

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July 2016

Car Envy?

Learn more about the DaltonPlan Business Profitability Benchmarks.

Have you ever wondered why some business owners in your industry seem to be doing better than you? How is it that they always drive the latest model car? The answer could be that they know about Business Benchmarks for Profitability...

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