Exciting housing concept from Germany to New Zealand

May 28, 2019 at 2:36 PM

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Exciting housing concept from Germany to New Zealand  

I have been working with a new client for the past couple of months. They are a German housing company called FlyingSpaces® who manufacture “Passive Houses” on site in their factory in Germany and ship them here to New Zealand all finished and ready to live in on the day that they are craned onto the site.

Free trip to Germany for two

FlyingSpaces® offer their customers a free trip for two to their factory in Germany to see how their new house will be built and to choose from a range of German manufactured fixtures and fittings from their expansive showroom.

I’m working with FlyingSpaces® management to help them get started here in New Zealand and I’m loving the inventiveness of their ideas for designing homes that provide for healthier living. For those of you who are my clients, you will know that I’m also really enjoying working with their systemised approach to everything.

FlyingSpaces Image 60sqm House on Lakefront.png

What is a Passive House?

See this link for a Passive House explained in 90 seconds!


Energy Efficiency - A Passive House uses 80% to 90% less energy than a standard house. Your own body heat can heat a room. FlyingSpaces® passive houses have triple glazing and all external and internal walls, floor and ceiling are fully insulated with their own specially developed mineral wool product.

Healthier Living -  FlyingSpaces® have created a special membrane that allows moisture to escape from inside the house but not let moisture in. It has a fresh air filter system that enables fresh air to enter the environment but not let the heat out.

FlyingSpaces® also use nontoxic materials throughout and have achieved certification in Germany to prove it.

What is a FlyingSpaces® House?

Each building module can be used as a 60 square metre residential house, a self-contained office with kitchen, bathroom and toilet or as a leisure cube that is either stand-alone or installed as an addition to an existing home. To create a larger living space, some customers have joined two units or four units together to form a quadrangle with an atrium in the centre.

Custom Design

From initial exploratory market research, having spoken to a number of potential customers in New Zealand, FlyingSpaces® believe that their main point of difference to their competitors is having the ability to enable customers to enhance their lifestyle by providing them with eco-friendly living spaces that are prefabricated in a modular structure to exacting standards, personalised to a customer’s requirements and constructed to a high-tech “Passive House” design. FlyingSpaces Image Wall Construction Layer.png


Video of how a FlyingSpaces® house is built

To see how a FlyingSpaces® house is built, see this link https://vimeo.com/333290074 and enter password: Flying

Manufactured in the Schwörer plant in Germany to their unique high-quality standards and design criteria, each unit can be fully appointed upon request and can be easily added to, due to its modular design system.

No major construction work on site is required. FlyingSpaces® sit on their own concrete foundations prepared on site to be earthquake resistant. If needed, they can be easily relocated due to their modular design characteristics.

FlyingSpaces® say - The modern design, flexible floor plan and almost limitless design options for windows and interior fittings make it easy for every home-building family to turn their dreams into reality.

Depending on customer preferences, relevant rooms can be fully appointed with a choice of sanitary and kitchen fittings, floor and wall coverings, internal and external doors along with fitted and built-in furniture from the FlyingSpaces® workshop in Germany

FlyingSpaces® Pricing

FlyingSpaces® modular homes are significantly cheaper than anything built in NZ providing excellent "value for money" when comparing their "Passive House", built in Germany to perfection under cover in their factory, with other "Passive Houses" built by  local building companies in NZ. Also, by the time you add about $50,000 for duty, freight, crane charges, and GST etc FlyingSpaces® still cost NZ $30,000 less, approximately.

As an additional incentive, included in this price (being $30,000 cheaper) is approximately NZ $35,000 worth of higher specifications regarding fittings over and above the standard FlyingSpaces already excellent standard model. So, really good value for money AND built in Germany to exacting standards and high quality workmanship.

For More Information

If you would like to read more about this subject, click HERE.

If you have any questions after reading this information, please call me on 021 2717 043 or go to Contact Us on our website www.DaltonPlan.co.nz and type in your request.

By Dean Dalton DBA

Director, DaltonPlan® Business Action Planning Limited

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