How to Motivate Staff to Run a More Profitable Job for Tradies

February 07, 2019 at 11:13 AM

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Deano’s Comment

How to Motivate Staff to Run a More Profitable Job for Tradies

Many of my trade clients have the same issues with the productivity of their tradespeople on site. Together, with their staff, we have developed flow charts to eliminate any wasteful downtime on site once the job begins. We called this process Starting a Job on Site.

We have found that a well organised job increases staff motivation on the job and therefore productivity as a result.

Here is an explanation from part of the flow chart that might help you to run a more profitable job.


From the get-go, as soon as the job has been approved, materials should be pre-ordered for delivery to site, arriving either the day before or first thing on the first day.

That morning, you meet with your tradies on site, show them a copy of the master plans and mark out your more specific plans together with your staff. Clearly communicate

- what work has been quoted for

- when it needs to be done by

- how many hours they’ve got to do it in.

Once you are certain that everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and the materials are there waiting on site, work can start straight away. Only then do you leave the site.

We have found that, because your trade staff have all of the information they require to do the job properly, they tend to work harder, smarter and faster. This means that the job usually comes in on time and on budget. Now, you’re smiling!

For More Information

If you would like to read a booklet that I have written on the subject of how to improve staff performance, click HERE.

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By Dean Dalton DBA

Director, DaltonPlan® Business Action Planning Limited


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