Increase Your Labour Capacity with Skilled Migrants

August 23, 2018 at 3:30 PM

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Deano’s Comment

Increase Your Labour Capacity with Skilled Migrants

I’ve been working with a few of my clients over the past few months who desperately need to add more skilled labour to their workforce. Some have larger jobs on the go and require skilled people immediately.

I have advertised on their behalf, as part of my monthly mentoring service, across various media and have had some success with a number of Candidates (potential migrants) contacting me via email from overseas wanting to work and live in New Zealand.

There is a process to employing people from overseas and Immigration NZ staff are very helpful. You should talk with them in the first instance and be guided by their instruction.

BTW - Immigration NZ also want to see proof that the New Zealand employer has been actively advertising the vacant position to local New Zealanders, but perhaps without much success, hence their need to attract overseas workers.

There are two main stages to it, as far I have discovered. The first stage concerns the candidate gaining a sufficient number of points to satisfy Immigration NZ’s strict criteria and the second stage concerns achieving relevant New Zealand qualifications to be able to operate in New Zealand in the candidate’s chosen industry.

Source: Immigration NZ -


Work in New Zealand – The Points System


The first step is to go to the Immigration NZ website and read their information on visa options for migrants and complete the various forms to see if the migrant is eligible for the chosen visa by obtaining sufficient points.

You’ll notice that the first question on the Work Visa page asks the potential migrant if they already have a Job Offer from a New Zealand company.

So, this leads me to the start of the process for the potential Employer.

If the suitable candidate gets through the first stage by gaining sufficient points and has previously emailed their qualifications and CV to the employer, then the employer can conduct an interview with the candidate, before they leave their country of origin, via Skype or telephone.

My approach, is to run through the 25 questions with the candidate that I have already carefully prepared in order to gain an insight into the suitability of the candidate to work within my client’s business culture.

If their references check out and they seem suitable for the job, we make them a job offer. They then use our job offer to start their Immigration NZ process with ImmigrationNZ.

In the meantime, the employer can obtain copies of the candidate’s trade qualifications and approach the appropriate trade association to start the process for the candidate becoming qualified to operate in New Zealand. It usually entails the candidate having to pass some relevant exams in order to be able to operate legally and in a safe manner in our country.


If you are looking to employ additional staff to satisfy your shortage of spare capacity of labour, then give it a go. It has been very rewarding for me and my clients.


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By Dean Dalton DBA

Director, DaltonPlan® Business Action Planning Limited