Market Share

May 09, 2013 at 8:09 PM

Here we are on our eighth day 'en France'.

Sliced-bread-cut-small.jpgHaving spent a few days 'à Paris' and in some beautiful, smaller villages in north west Bretagne, it seems to me that  local businesses that might have a small market share in a big city seem to be as busy as businesses with a larger market share in a smaller town, especially good boulangeries.

This even applies to street theatre where one juggler we watched was able to attract a large crowd because his act was different and he repeatedly mentioned the benefits of what he was providing to his customers, eg an exciting and energetic act with a dangerous finale. In this way he managed to hold everyone's attention... And his hat was full of cash.

One thing that must really benefit business in France is the excellent transport system. The high quality trains seem to always run on time and have GPS so you know when your next stop is approaching.

Dean Dalton on holiday in France.

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