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A Social Media Tip

I have been following the development in the market place of an app for the past few months called Pinterest.

I have found some good uses for it in the business world. There are case studies on the link below showing how businesses have used it to grow sales. It looks quite exciting.

Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

Boards and Pins

dart-90pxW.gifPinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests.

People create and share collections called “boards” of visual bookmarks called “Pins”. They use these to plan trips and projects, organize events or save articles and recipes.


scissors-icon-OG-90px.gifPinterest users can upload, save and sort images, known as pins. You can use other media too, like videos.

The collection of all of this is known as a Pinboard. Pinterest acts as a personalised media platform, where users' content, and the content of others, can be browsed through on the main page.

Users can then save individual pins to one of their own boards using the Pin It button. Pinboards are typically organised by a central theme. Content can also be found outside of Pinterest and uploaded to a Pinboard via the Pin It button.

You can download this button to the bookmark bar on your web browser. They also have the option of sending a pin to other Pinterest users and/or email accounts through the Send button.

Have a play around. Give it a go.


By Tim Solomona BCA
Directors of WaiNZ
07 576 2224
022 012 0401

I completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University, Wellington in 1991 and had been involved in the investment banking industry in London for many years. My wife had completed a Bachelor of Education from Waikato University, Hamilton in 1996 and spent many years teaching English and Te Reo Maori. We both had always wanted to become self-employed and leave the corporate world to do something of our own.

Talking Point

Chat-bubble-Icon-Red-and-Bl.jpgIn 2012 my wife and I established the WaiNZ brand from a desire to create authentic Māori-based products that have substance and integrity and that inform and provide understanding of Māori culture.

WaiNZ products are designed for Kiwis and tourists. For locals - our Māori identity is something to be proud of and as our products are often lightweight, they make ideal gifts to send overseas. For tourists, they make a great souvenir or gift to take home, they are a genuine representation of Aotearoa / New Zealand that can be utilised and enjoyed back home. A talking point of their holiday!

Light Bulb   

DaltonPlan-Lightbulb.jpgMy wife and I first had the idea of the business in late 2011 and we started it in mid 2012 with a business plan that didn't give us what we were expecting and after hearing Dean Dalton presenting at a seminar last year, I knew that I needed to talk to him. We were looking for a lot more direction and focus to move on to.

The DaltonPlan is exactly what we needed. It is focused, very detailed and nothing is left out. Dean takes absolutely everything into account and the path is well mapped out. The idea of the DaltonPlan Benchmarks is fantastic and we're going to re-think our pricing based on them. We realised that we should have priced ourselves differently.

Fresh Eyes

Folder-w-Mag-DBAP_SHP_Slide.pngWe have just finished working together but we are already planning on a lot of things. After changing the pricing, we're going to work on our operations, establishing an appropriate CRM (Customer Relation Management) system, work on the full utilisation of our MYOB accounting software and develop our flowcharts to support this.

We feel that we have gained more control of our business already. We have set goals and established a strategy. For this year, we want to target a wider audience, rebrand our logo, work on the website and develop marketing through social media.

We'll look for ongoing support from Dean on the technical side of things but also to bounce ideas back. He gave us tools, confidence, direction and energy. We really enjoyed this business planning experience and we're ready to take up on challenges.

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