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November 07, 2014 at 6:57 PM

How do I improve the performance of staff and suppliers?

The following information will ensure that you have a beneficial working relationship with your suppliers and staff. You should be able to eliminate recurring problems by following a few simple rules.

Staff and Suppliers

When you select a new supplier or employ a new staff member, arrange to have a formal meeting with them placing them through an “induction” or “socialisation” process.

Secure agreement from them regarding your requests and expectations.

Take them through the relevant sections of your business plan encouraging them to “share your vision” of where the business is heading and how it can only be successful if everyone within the organisation, along with selected suppliers, work together to help achieve the over-all goals of the business.

An example of some issues you might wish to discuss.


  • Get to work on time to answer telephones.
  • Referring to Operations Flow Charts is most important.


  • Timely delivery.
  • Shorter lead times.
  • Low wastage of raw materials in process.
  • Condition of goods on arrival at destination.

Performance Appraisals

Graph their performance and communicate regularly discussing and analysing their performance.

Be sure to compare their performance against the flow charts for any particular problem area where mistakes occur. Learn how to tackle this piece with the booklet “Month Long Holiday ”. Consult a recruitment agency for their approach to conducting staff appraisals.

Graph their performance and email it to them on a regular basis. This will fix any problems.

  • Four deliveries this month were late
  • Wastage of materials is above 2%
  • Five parcels arrived damaged at their destination this week
  • Lead times on product is above our agreed two week limit.

If you have any questions after reading the information, click below to purchase and download the full booklet "Improve Staff Performance" I have prepared for $25.

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by Dean Dalton DBA
Director, DaltonPlan® Business Action Planning Limited

BUSINESS PROFILE – Here’s the Proof

By Greig Rightford, Director, HealthFit Collective
Tel 021 114 3218

The Idea

The idea came up about 4 years ago; gathering a team of successful professionals to provide a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Our team of Health and Fitness Specialists have had years of combined experience. We provide the best service in Wellington and a multitude of services ranging from personal training, small group training, triathlon coaching, physiotherapy, dieticians, massage, yoga, coaching psychology and even an organic beauty therapy. We pride ourselves on having the best of the best at HealthFit and currently employ two national award winning trainers as well as a ‘Life Fitness World’s Top 10’ personal training finalist.


We started working on the business plan about 2 and half years ago with Dean. Professionalism is something we are serious about and we needed the specific skills for this plan. Dean guided us and gave us tasks to enable us to find the best structure and direction.

We have set the standards very high and that comes with its set of challenges; establishing appropriate and effective communication, providing customised services while attracting a large clientele and the financial challenge that our chosen location represents.

In terms of communication and marketing strategy, we are specialists and we position ourselves as such. We opted for a strategy based on experiences and face to face communication through workshops, individual assessments and blogs. We want to show people how we operate rather than advertising about it.

3 Stages

We have designed a 3 stage process for our customers. Together we assess, address and progress. It is about understanding our clients' goals, helping them to identify what they want to achieve, defining their current state and guiding them to on their own path. Setting the highest standards in terms of service means we take pride in our personal approach because it is new and different to any other fitness business.

To align with the quality of the service provided we have chosen to set up our facilities on the brand new wharf complex sitting on Wellington harbour. It’s a stunning building in a stunning location. It represents a significant financial investment, we had to dig deep into our budget and we have no doubt that it fits in with the big picture of how we see the HealthFit Collective.

Having these challenges in mind and looking at Dean's benchmarks for our industry, it clearly showed us that we must maintain consistency between the quality of our service and the prices we are setting. We want them to reflect the level of expertise we offer. It gives confidence to both clientele and staff.

Long Term

Our goals for year one are the consolidation of our business structure, the testing of our systems, the establishment of our clientele and the growth of our profile. We also have some long term plans that aim at improving the wellbeing of people as a community through working with the younger population and community health stakeholders.

The DaltonPlan business planning model has helped us by forcing us to step outside of the business so we could get a better picture and ask ourselves the right questions.

Personally it has helped me to become a better leader.

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