Use Social Media to Enhance Your Communications Mix

July 31, 2013 at 12:10 AM


facebook-hands-shake-cut-SM.jpgSocial media uses the internet to make a significant enhancement to your traditional communications mix.

Social media activities use both web-based and mobile technologies to turn user-generated content into interactive dialogue in the public arena.

This social interaction has value for your business when you get the activity right.

Activity Example

World-w-Arrow-XSM.jpgUse Facebook to schedule an event, Twitter to coordinate it in real time and YouTube to showcase it to the world.

The YouTube video is in turn posted to Facebook to show the real world outcome of the interaction between members within this Facebook group.

Business Potential

Tablet-w-MAP-cut-SM.pngMobile social media communication takes two forms, the first of which is Company-to-Consumer.

For example, in order to attract more customers, your hospitality business may establish a connection to its customers via certain geo-location “apps” like Google Maps or Foursquare.

These apps work by matching the current location of the user, to the location of the venue.

They provide users with the ability to view and write reviews about any location. Locations can be anything such as a sightseeing spot or your business site.

When users arrive, they check-in to gain “points” which registers on their app that they have been to that particular location. The points accumulate and the customer is able to redeem them.

User Generated

Three-Men-w-Tick-XSM.pngThe second type of communication is user-generated content. For example, McDonald's randomly offered $5 and $10 gift cards to 100 users who checked-in at one of their restaurants.

This promotion resulted in users generating over 50 articles and blog posts as well as several hundred thousand Facebook posts and Tweets.

Most notably, it increased check-ins by 33% from 2,146 to 2,865.

Relationship development

Foursquare-Logo-SM.jpgIn order to increase long term relationships with customers, your business could create loyalty programs.

Using certain mobile apps allows customers who check-in regularly at your premises to earn discounts or perks.

For example, American Eagle Outfitters reward loyal customers with a tiered 10%, 15%, or 20% discount on their total purchase.

Sales promotions


In the past, customers have had to use printed coupons to redeem offers. Mobile social media now allows companies to tailor promotions to specific users at specific times.

Virgin America used this approach when launching its California to Mexico service.

They created a special offer for users who checked in at one of three designated Border Grill taco trucks through a mobile social networking service called Loopt.

The taco trucks were in San Francisco and Los Angeles and users needed to check-in between 11:00am and 3:00pm on August 31, 2010. The offer included two tacos for $1 and two flights to Mexico for the price of one.


iPhone-with-mag.gifSocial media platforms like Pinterest are contributing to an upward trend in the popularity and accessibility of e-commerce, or online purchases.

Make sure your business offers the ability for customers to purchase from you online.

Business Marketing Analysts have stated that one of the key take-aways of the Nielsen Research company's "State of the media - The social media report 2012" is that more consumers are accessing social media content today via mobile devices.

Email me if you would like to discuss how your business might perform better in 2013.



By   Ryan Wall, Managing Director
TOA CrossFit, Wellington
Tel: 04 802 5376

I've been in the gym industry for about 17 years and my business partner and I have opened our own CrossFit gym last August.TOA CrossFit goes far beyond your average gym experience.

It is a strengthening and conditioning program designed to help people gain a broad, general level of fitness. We also do boxing and martial arts training and we offer personal training.

We operate our own sports clothing shop on the premises and we're opening a café onsite that is going to provide healthy food for all and reinforce the convivial ambiance that CrossFit already fosters.

Professional Plan

Positive-Sign-SM.jpgThe initial feasibility study of our business idea uncovered a few "holes" and after contacting a manager at Te Puni Kokiri we were advised to have a business plan done by a professional.

Dean Dalton was heartily recommended to us.

Dean had a look at our rates and told us that we were well in line with the DaltonPlan industry-specific business benchmarks for maintaining a satisfactory level of profitability.

It was good to have this initial positive feedback so that we could then concentrate on increasing the volume of business based on these strong foundations.

Double Memberships

Grapg-with-paper-SM.jpgWe're aiming to double our memberships and are focused on establishing marketing strategies that will allow us to efficiently reach our future clientele.

During the planning sessions we worked on marketing charts and surveys that will help us to identify where the members are coming from so we can focus our efforts on effective actions.

We currently employ two staff and we're in the process of hiring another one or two qualified trainers.

We're loving the flow charts. They make routine operations simple and clear with an A to B to C sort of process where everyone finds comfort and security whether it’s us or our staff.

At Ease

espresso-cup-long-cut.jpgBefore the business plan, we were questioning ourselves on many things.

We feel a lot more at ease now and we have got a better grip on things. We had some good feedback from Dean, and he provided us with a strong direction for the business.

He has followed our progress with the gym and he's also going to make sure the café gets started on the right track by supplying us with costings etc that also meet the DaltonPlan business benchmarks for the café industry.

We're really happy that we did the business plan with Dean. It was informative, clear and concise. Everything was relevant to our particular circumstances so we didn’t waste any of our time.

New Business Expert


Relate Media Limited

In 2011 Bennet Dalton set up his company to make it easy for business owners to leverage social media.

Competitive Advantage

RelateMedia-Logo-Cut-OUT-SM.jpgStrategies include publishing a newsletter and upgrading a website.

The objective is to develop a competitive advantage.

This comes in the form of a significant enhancement to the business’ existing communications mix.

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