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September 25, 2013 at 3:28 PM


Magnifying-Glass-SM-DFR.jpgSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your website found on Google. It can be expensive and difficult to get right, and the rules are constantly changing.

Although it is good to complete on-page strategies such as placing key words into Meta Titles and H1 Titles, SEO effectiveness is 90% about off-site strategy and 10% on-page strategy.

Changing SEO Rules

green-arrow-w-leaf-cut-SM.jpgAccording to my sources, in the past year Google did a “penguin” update to make sure that everything on a website appeared to be what they call, "natural."

One strategy that used to work is excessive keyword back-linking from dodgy sites. Google now punishes this strategy. If websites have back-links that are overloaded with key words, Google sees it as not being natural and places them down the list.

Get Listed

The most important thing you can do is to get your website's URL listed on relevant website directories.

We've put together a list of the most important sites to get listed on in New Zealand.

To the right is a list of 10 websites that your website should be listed on.

Top 10

•   Finda
•   NZ Search
•   Localist
•   Zip Leaf
•   Hot Frog
•   Zenbu
•   Yalwa
•   2CU
•   NZ City


Google AdWords, the Ads on Google

Google-logo-wCMP.jpgMany companies recommend using AdWords over SEO as a cost-effective search engine marketing strategy. There's a lot that goes into getting AdWords to work effectively. You need to ensure the following:


Get the right people seeing your ads, and the right people clicking on them.


Ensure your web page is written, designed and structured to convert visitors into leads and sales.


Track return on investment, to see what you're spending and what you're getting back.

We've been working with an NZ Website Design / Online marketing company '123 Online' for quite some time now. They are Google AdWords certified, and can help drive leads and sales through Google.

They have AdWords packages starting from just $250 per month. To find out how AdWords can work for your business complete the 123Online form for a free consultation.


House-with-arrows-XSM.jpgBy Nicholas Dalton, Director of TOA Architecture Ltd
027 554 5052
09 303 3673

“TOA Architects has an in-house team of five, including myself, who pride themselves on being able to create intelligent architecture for which sustainability is the baseline.

We have pushed the envelope so far on one of our “environmentally friendly” projects that a new category had to be created for us by HomeStar, the industry-recognised “green-home” rating tool for healthier environments.

Much Busier

Running-man-250pxH.jpgOur business will be three years old this November and, as a result of our time in the market place, we are now becoming much busier.

I've clocked up many years of experience as an architect but running a successful enterprise also requires specific business skills and knowledge that sometimes need to be outsourced.

A homonymous (Adjective: having the same name) encounter led me to work with Dean on his DaltonPlan business plan and we developed a good structure from which to grow the business.

This gave me a better view of fruitful business practices and strategic planning.

Our Income

Green-Arrow-Up180pxH.jpgDean explained how and why he had set the DaltonPlan Benchmarks for the architecture industry.

It was clear that we had to adjust our pricing. In the past, we were sometimes not making enough to cover our costs.

We’ve changed to the new DaltonPlan costing model and we have seen that it's already made a big difference to our income!

After setting the financial foundations, we looked at the structure of our company.

Our new structure is now based on pre-set levels of profitability over time and is designed as a plan for growth so that we can work strategically towards our desired goals.

Better Control   

We always aim to ensure a high level of consistency across a wide range of projects working with a variety of customers.

Cones-small-no-cut.gifThis is where the flow charts are becoming very useful.

We're using them for various purposes. This includes client relationship and communication, problem solving, safeguarding procedures and preventing the recurrence of past mistakes.

Now I have gained a better control of my architecture practice.

It’s a learning process and we'll keep improving strategies and efficiency over time. From the planning sessions with Dean, we gained a snapshot of where we were that helped me to define where we want to go.

But most importantly how we want to get there without the stress.

It's also a matter of understanding what you're worth so you can do things with increased confidence and profit.

Follow up

We're all clear on how we have to operate so I can find a good balance between business time and leisure time with peace of mind.

Dean has been very responsive with his follow-up when I needed extra guidance. We're on the right track”.

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