What are Your Goals for 2018?

March 19, 2018 at 3:57 PM

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Setting the Benchmark for Business Performance ● Issue 126 - 2018

Deano’s Comment

What are Your New Goals for 2018?

At the start of each financial year you need to review, and celebrate, how well you have performed against your current year’s goals and then set new ones for the new financial year.

I want to share with you some of our goals for the upcoming year to give some ideas. Don’t forget that goals have to be;

- Quantifiable. You need to be able to measure each goal so that you can compare your progress against them.

- Achievable. That’s a moot point. Set you goals as high as possible. If you aim low then that is probably where you will end up.

- Time-bound. Place an “achieved by” date against each goal to keep you motivated and on track.

At the beginning of April 2017 we set our business and personal goals for the financial year to the end of March 2018. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

With the growing number of business owners becoming aware of the benefits of  business planning to increase profit, DaltonPlan® has experienced significant growth.


Attract a Wider Audience

One of our business goals has been to maintain our level of contact with third party professionals such as accounting firms, law practices, business brokers and banks. We continue to receive referrals from them because they experience first-hand the financial benefit that their clients gain by working closely with us to enhance business performance.

We continue to receive a number of referrals from international accounting firms and overseas immigration consultants offering services to people wanting to set up business here in New Zealand under the Entrepreneur Visa application. The first thing we do is educate their clients to the industry-specific DaltonPlan® business benchmarks for profitability in the New Zealand market to get them off to the best possible start.

We have been a provider of business planning services to the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Regional Business Partner Scheme since its inception about 15 years ago and regularly receive referrals from their nationwide business managers to assist with their clients’ business development.

We have also been associate members of a number of trade organisations for many years offering business planning services  and educational  seminars to their membership, especially concerning the warning of not dropping below the DaltonPlan® business benchmarks for profitability if they want to stay profitable.

Maintain Word of Mouth

A lot of our clients come to us through “word of mouth”, with DaltonPlan® having worked successfully with a large number of business owners, and their staff, in the market place since 1999.

Expand Business Model for Growth

We have expanded our original business model to enable us to work with a number of clients, individually on a monthly basis, offering them a “mentoring” type service. This  includes higher-level strategic planning along with the practical, day-to-day implementation of an operations plan designed to create efficiencies within the organisation resulting in an   increased level of profit.

Maintain a Complete Service Offering

One of our goals has also been to offer a complete business planning service. On the supply side, we are in regular contact with a number of professionals able to offer our clients a range of up-to-date services including legal and accounting advice, website, branding and logo design, wordmark registration, social media planning, CRM and accounting software implementation and human resources management.

Achieve a Successful Work/Life Balance - Learn to Surf

We love living at Mount Maunganui. We have had our holiday home here since 1995 and moved into it permanently, from Wellington, five and a half years ago. Advances in technology, with the use of Skype and Team Viewer, has helped enormously when working with clients off site or overseas. We can share screens and a video link face-to-face with them so it’s just like being there. We have had fibre optic cable installed so having the fastest Internet connection possible is such a bonus.

We are able to maintain a good work/lifestyle balance here at the beach but I still haven’t learned to surf. For those of you who have been reading my newsletter over the past 20 years you will know that every year I say, “right, this is the year” but it’s not as easy as it looks, says I. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks I suppose. I tell our three sons that at least I’m trying, and they say, “Yes Dad, you’re very trying”!

For a booklet I have written on this subject click HERE.

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By Dean Dalton DBA

Director, DaltonPlan® Business Action Planning Limited

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