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Setting the Benchmark for Business Performance ● Issue 123 - 2017

Deano’s Comment

Why Social Media is Important for Your Business.

By now, you are probably aware of social media, but you’re not really sure whether it’s necessary for your business or not. That’s fine. It is still a very new thing, and there is a lot to it.

New Zealand has 2.2 million daily active users, who spend on average of 40 minutes per day on social media1. Now, instead of looking up your brand via your website, users are researching brands through their social channels like Facebook and Instagram. They know their way around the layout, they can read reviews, see if their friends like it and browse over relevant content. It gives them a better understanding of a business. Companies are now devoting over 20% of their marketing budget to developing their social media. (1)

The quality of your social channels reflects the quality of your business.

If users, as potential customers, cannot find your business on social media, they will assume that you don’t exist.

If users are able to find your business on social media, and see that your page is incomplete, there hasn’t been anything published on it for a while and your imagery is bad quality and pixelated, they will assume that judging by the poor quality of your social media page, your business will offer a poor-quality product or service. 

However, if a user finds your business on social media and sees an attractive cover photo, reads a recent and interesting post and can visualise with high-quality imagery the services and products you offer, they will assume that you are a high-quality company. This may lead to a phone call, inquiry or a click through to your website - a step in the right direction.

You have a miniscule amount of time to capture your audience’s attention so it is vital to show them a quality reflection of your brand.

It’s not a case of a “one-off” set up and that’s it.

Your social profiles cannot be set-up and neglected. In order to display good social media content to potential customers, and maintain a competitive advantage, your social pages need to be attended to regularly. This involves:

     - Placing posts weekly
     - Placing post that have valuable and relevant content
     - Answering inquiries and comments in a timely manner
     - Optimising content to suit your audience
     - Keeping up to speed with your competitor’s activity.

Facebook appreciates an active page, so the more you do, the higher they will promote you up the search list. Ask questions and keep your audience updated with goings-on in your business. Everything you publish tells a little more about your story.

Now what?

Social media has become a necessary component of the marketing mix for all businesses. In order to grow your business and be better than your competitors, it is essential to reveal your company’s main points of difference to competitors through all facets of your business. Social media should be considered a large part of your brand identity, loyalty and reputation - so don’t turn a blind eye and go be socially active.
1 http://www.theclassroom.co.nz/

It takes a bit of work to keep your social media current. I have contacts who offer social media services who can help you. Email me or call me to find out more. 

 If you have any questions after reading this information, go to Contact Us on our website www.DaltonPlan.co.nz and type in your request.

By Dean Dalton DBA

Director, DaltonPlan® Business Action Planning Limited