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February 07, 2014 at 10:01 PM

How to Take a Holiday Without Any Worries

As a business owner you might have just taken a well-earned break over the holiday season. How did it work out for you? I hope that it was a relaxing time and that you didn’t return to any disasters at work.

Most business owners have to deal with telephone calls during their holiday break from their staff requesting information. It would be great to know that your business was ticking over without any problems while you were taking time off.

Ask yourself “How do I make sure that everything is running smoothly without me?”

The Answer

Three-Men-w-Tick-XSM.pngThe answer is to develop an operations plan by flow charting all critical processes enabling the business to operate independently of you, the business owner, as the key person.

Operations Planning

clip-board-and-clock-trim-X.gifWhat is it exactly? An Operations Plan is a list of instructions shown in “flow chart” format for how to “best” complete a task.

In my experience, it is difficult to run a successful business without staff and management being able to refer to well-written, flow-charted processes.

Flow Charts

Stationary-Icons-SM.gifFlow charts underpin your marketing plan through improved customer service.

They help you to achieve your financial goals by making it easier to allocate resources more effectively. They are the glue that holds your whole business together. Effective flow charts can significantly increase sales, reduce internal costs and increase profits.

They cost virtually nothing to produce.

Free Time

Book-Icon-SM.jpgFlow charts provide you with more free time to enable you to work on developing the business further without being trapped working too much within it.

If you’re interested in freeing up more of your time by operating a better business, click on this link to get a Starter eBook on the subject.


By Rachael Ngakuru-Jaunay and Rebecca Cowley
Directors of  Mama's Donuts
846 2627 (84MAMAS) or 021 0771 526

Mama’s Donuts started when a gap in the market was created by our friends, who had been supplying Church College students with delicious homemade American style glazed donuts, decided to move on to bigger adventures in Australia.

Family and Business

Whiteboard-Icon-BI100.gifWe both have families and were looking at ways to earn some extra money while still being able to stay at home with our children, which is the most important thing to us.

After some market research, Mama’s Donuts was born. Our product quickly became famous in the suburb of Temple View and later throughout Hamilton, where we sold-out of donuts at all the local markets. We took our first big step in 2013 and opened up a retail shop at 67 Duke Street, Hamilton, which is where our own new and exciting adventure began.

Professional Guidance

Document-Icon-SM.gifWe naturally looked at doing a business plan with a professional to make sure this first step wasn't mishandled!

That’s when we got in contact with Dean at DaltonPlan® .

The challenges we faced during our business development were many and varied, such as, setting up operational systems, managing people, complying with health regulations and safe practices and defining our roles clearly and wisely within the business.

Industry Benchmarks

Abicus-Icon-SM.gifWe worked on costings to compare our Gross Profit as a percentage of Sales with Dean's benchmarks for our industry and the first rough calculations showed that we are consistently higher.

Keeping up with these benchmarks means that we don't need to change our pricing, which is good for us to know! It also showed us that we might need to look at installing inventory systems that give us more accurate figures.

We know that we must pay attention to what stock comes in and what products goes out.

We have 18 staff and the flow charts have been a great help in terms of managing people, such as, staff training, running checklists, following recipes, taking orders, packing orders, processing complaints, etc... You don't realise how thorough you can be until you start doing them, they're really useful.

Staff Training

Graduation-Hat-SM.gifOpening the shop was a huge learning curve for us and we feel that we have gained better control of our business through structured practices and careful resource management.

At the moment we need to be at the shop most of the time and we'd like to focus on other aspects of the business, so we're looking to provide staff training that will allow staff to run it without us having to be there all the time.

The DaltonPlan® planning sessions gave us direction and helped us to implement good organisational practices. We also appreciate the ongoing encouragement and the positive spirit that comes with it!

"I tried the Banana Banoffee donut and can see why there are queues out the door" - Dean Dalton

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