Below are the recommended planning sessions for different business sizes. Contact us if you’re not too sure where your business fits in.


POA per month


Ongoing Monthly Mentoring Sessions

You receive continued business and personal development through monthly mentoring sessions, with ongoing follow-up, to help you to spend more time either with your family or growing your business further with less stress.


The way we work together

  • I gather monthly data from your current accounting software to compile relevant reports enabling us to work together to monitor the financial performance of your business and compare it to the DaltonPlan® business benchmarks for your industry.


  • Together, we analyse the causes of any low performing data and develop strategies to eliminate them through a number of methods such as staff training, amended operations flow charts or refined supplier agreements.


  • As a benefit, you receive training in financial analysis, how to develop effective flow charts and marketing strategies and together we complete all critical operations flow charts, costings and cash flow forecasts.


  • I also help you to manage your Human Resources such as recruiting suitable staff, taking new staff through an induction process and conducting annual performance appraisals for existing staff - all designed to raise staff morale resulting in increased production and output.


Immigration Business Plans


Preferred Business Model Template

We use the business model template preferred by Business.Govt.NZ to enhance your chances of a successful outcome for your visa application by populating it, point by point, with  detailed, relevant information.

Collaboration for Success

Together, we work closely with you to develop your business plan. You supply us with your own business knowledge and relevant information and we combine this with our own market research and current database of information to construct an authentic business plan to match with your skills and capability.

DaltonPlan® Business Benchmarks for Profitability

We make sure that you adhere to our DaltonPlan® Business Benchmarks for Profitability to give you the best possible chance of success.

Evidence of Validity

We aim to provide a high degree of market “evidence” to back up any claims made in the business plan to satisfy NZ Immigration’s strict requirements for such evidence. For example, this may contain supplier invoices, customer invoices and inventory lists. This could also contain market research references.

Business Planning


Planning Session Day 1
We meet face-to-face to develop your strategic and business plans including goals, costings, cash flow, Profit and Loss Statement projections.

You will be shown how to develop operations flowcharts for you develop further at a later date.

Planning Session Day 2
We meet again the following day to continue your business and strategic plans by developing effective marketing strategies to support the costings.

Planning Session Day 3
Lastly we complete any outstanding work and to develop critical operations flow charts engaging with your staff to obtain their "buy-in" to a more "systems-orientated" culture.

You Receive

Your strategic and business plan completed and bound along with our DaltonPlan® Certificate of Completion.

12 months further e-mentoring is included in the price via the telephone, emails or Skype video and you have unlimited access to me via telephone or email. I want to push you along to make sure that you are sticking to the plan and to help you to free up your time to make more money.

To save time during the planning session, at DaltonPlan® we compile components of your business plan before-hand by analysing your industry sector information based on our years of accumulated knowledge and experience.


Start Your Own or Purchase an Existing Business

We can help you to either start your own business from scratch or we are able to analyse existing businesses for sale here in New Zealand and help you to purchase one that will give you the greatest chance of success. 


Developing a business plan is a time-consuming task and depends heavily on the accessability of solid market research. We are able to conduct market research for you to help populate your business plan with relevant information. The time frame can be about three to four weeks depending on how promptly you reply to our requests for information.

All you need to get started

We can develop your service and product Costings along with Cash Flow and annual Profit and Loss forecasts. We can put you in touch with local accountants, lawyers, brand and web designers. We can also help with choosing the best software for your CRM and financial accounting applications.

We can help you to trademark your brand logo, wordmark your company name, reserve then register your company name and purchase a domain name unique to your brand.

We are also available to assit you during your set up phase to give you the best possile chance of success.


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