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Business Plans and Benchmarks

Last updated June 2013


ANZSIC Business
Industry  Description

DaltonPlan® Subset

$100+GST each

Business Plans $1,000+GST each


 Fabricated Metal

 Light manufacturing  and assembly of  fabricated metal  products




 Builders Full Contract  (Labour & Materials)




 Plumbers, gas fitting,  roofing, drainage,  solar water heating



Newspaper and Book Retailing

 Book Stores



 Clothing Retailing

 Fashion Clothing
 Stores - Menswear  and Womenswear



 Cafes and

 Café & Bar



 Cafes and

 Restaurant & Bar



 Pubs, Taverns and Bars

 Bar & Night Club



Auxiliary Insurance Services

 Financial Advisory  Services & Insurances



Tour Guide Service

 Scenic & sightseeing  transport, specialising  in an "authentic Maori  cultural experience"



Beauty Therapy

 Beauty Therapy Clinic


Business Classifications - ANZSIC (Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification)
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Solutions For Business Questions


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 Booklet Contents Sample



 Work Smarter - Not Harder
Use operations flow charts to increase your profits and free up your time.
 Turn Your Ideas Into Gold
Ensure the success of your new business, product, service or invention.
 Success Factors in Business
Get new strategies for future business growth.



Detailed Answers


What are "DaltonPlan® benchmarks" for profitability and how do I achieve them?
Benchmarks for profitability are a key indicator of how well a business is performing financially.
What are some good strategies for increasing Sales and Gross Profit?
Customers will pay higher prices for products and services if they contain major points of difference.
How do I ensure that a new product or service will be successful?
Establish a new business or a new product or service within an existing business.
What is the difference between copyright, patent and trademark?
A trademark may be registered if it has sufficient distinctiveness.
What are some of the proven "success factors" in business?
Ensure your success during start-up and beyond.
What's an effective strategy for setting and achieving personal and business goals?
Your energy can be targeted at factors critical to achieving a successful outcome.
How can I take a month-long holiday without any worries?
Enable the business to operate independently of the business owner.
What is the difference between a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan?
The strategic plan is never seen by anyone outside the organization.
How do I improve the performance of staff and suppliers?
Eliminate recurring problems.
How do I sell my business for the best possible selling price?
Buyers of businesses are looking for certainty.
11 How do I get new employees up to speed sooner? Customise your own Employee Induction Pack.  

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