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"This business planning experience has been very positive, we've been provided with a good strategic marketing plan helping us to head in the right direction along with detailed costings, cash flow and operations flow charts for jobs".







"When he showed me his DaltonPlan benchmarks for my industry I was surprised about the figures.

To be able to maintain competitiveness and gain a long term vision and stability, Dean developed with us a plan that is giving us the confidence and control essential to succeed."




"My business partner and I have completed a fantastic business planning workshop for both our restaurant business and our separate bar business with Dean Dalton from DaltonPlan® and were so impressed I thought it might be worth mentioning it as something of real value for you. The intensive three-day workshops involved us analyzing every aspect of our business in a huge amount of detail, covering everything from marketing, operations, finance, costings and business strategy right through to our succession plan, how we were going to eventually get out of our businesses at some stage in the future.

Even with our experience in the industry we were able to come away with a fresh appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of our business and an achievable action plan for some considerable savings due to the work Dean’s work on costings and organisational structures including mapping every important system in the business using flow charts.

With the knowledge we gained from the workshops opening another business location would be not only easier but have a far greater certainty of success because of the work that Dean does in ensuring you identify and hit target markets. With the hospitality industry getting a little tighter out there it would be great to ensure that you keep the edge in the market place and this is certainly something that would help new business development and existing business owners that may be in need of a little refocusing."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Matterhorn

Cuisine Magazine NZ Restaurant of the Year Award Supreme Winner 2008 

DaltonPlan Testimonial Mighty Mighty

NZ Bartender Magazine Best Bar Award 2006, 2007, 2008 

"Working with Dean, we realised that we could sharpen up on our pricing; some of the dishes we thought were making the best money were actually under-priced by a few percents and that can make a big difference at the end of the year. He showed us how vital it is to keep up with the DaltonPlan® Benchmarks for our industry and that we could do better in a more consistent way. Since then, we have improved our margins and therefore our profits.

We’ve been working for a very long time in this industry so we didn’t change the way we run our business, but it’s important to make sure that we stay financially strong with the help of an expert."

DaltonPlan Testimonial The_Empire_Petone



"I’d heard of and met Dean Dalton through the Lion Nathan business seminars and we saw the opportunity to become better business people. We worked together with Dean for three days to assess, to improve and to create new possibilities.

We looked at staff management and regular tasks such as stock takes, Dean explained to us how to implement flow charts that allow consistency and clarity. They are to become a well established work reference for all and a great tool to save time and energy for us and the managers.

We are also looking at stepping back a little from the front of house and at managing things more from behind the scenes. A business plan seemed like a lot of money at first but it’s definitely worth the spending and has paid for itself in a few weeks!"

DaltonPlan Testimonial The_Rock_Rolleston.png


"We met Dean Dalton in 2010 in Christchurch at a Lion Nathan Partners Programme seminar. My business partner and I have many years experience in the hospitality industry and we have been using that experience along with our intuition and common sense to aim for goals that seemed sometimes out of reach. Within a few hours, Dean showed us that not only were those goals realistic ones, but they were also achievable.

We got to understand the DaltonPlan® benchmarks for our industry, how to maximize profits, how to set and meet goals as well as marketing ourselves and reaching our customers. Dean showed us how to proceed and make more money in a more structured and automated way."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Denniston_Dog


"Working with Dean has definitely sharpened our focus in some key areas. It helped us to revisit some sound business principals that had slipped away over the years. We are focusing on putting some processes in place that will pay off in the long run and will help to free up some of my time.

We are working hard to a plan rather than just working hard and as a result have some solid direction. People tend to know their strengths and ignore their weaknesses; the plan identified our weaknesses and shifted the focus to some of the areas that needed the most improvement. We get a Profit and Loss Statement every year that just has a bunch of figures on it. It was great to have someone to show us the trends and tell us what it all means."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Elements cafe



"Spending three whole days with Dean preparing my DaltonPlan® business plan was really appreciated because it’s often difficult to find time to do this when running your own business. We developed our franchise model and those franchisees are now very successful. I refer to my business plan as a road map that I can go back to at any time.

With the help of Dean’s significant business experience, as well as textbook knowledge, I was able to make a difficult business decision, which has really paid off. One of the results of staying on-track and making that business decision is that enrolments have doubled."

DaltonPlan Testimonial KidsCo


Plumbing & Gas Fitting

“My plumbing and gas fitting business was doing really well with 12 full-time staff and a retail showroom. I was virtually rushed off my feet with customer enquiries.
I suppose you’re thinking, ‘I wouldn’t mind that sort of problem’, but it left me no time for anything else. I was beginning to feel burnt out.

Taking time out with Dean made me see there was a better way of working. It all came down to putting in place a few basic flow charted systems in place. I now feel like I’m running the business – it’s not running me.”









IT Service Providers

"Through the networking I do I met Dean & Jo from DaltonPlan®. I booked in to create a business plan for Niche IT. The planning session itself was a very busy one – everything was well prepared & laid out, which made for a productive day answering questions, ticking check-lists & molding the plan to best suit Niche IT’s service offerings & end goals.

When the plan was complete the support from DaltonPlan® didn’t end – the ongoing support has been great.From what Dean showed me I’m better able to understand Niche IT’s strengths & weaknesses plus set & achieve financial targets. The marketing material Dean helped create & some assessments help my clients better understand their own needs."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Niche IT



Financial Advisory Services

"We started working with Dean a few years ago. We had a vision of being a “one stop shop” financial advisory enterprise where clients could find trusted and expert advice on diverse but inter-related business and financing issues.

You have to be looking two or three steps ahead – we work with DaltonPlan® to develop business action plans and we stick to them religiously. We have developed our “five pillars” of Allfinanz being insurance, home loans, KiwiSaver, investment and business services. By having a clear vision of what Allfinanz was about eliminated distractions."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Allfinanz


"Marketing - Working with Dean we developed ways of retaining existing clients while at the same time expanding our customer database through forming strategic alliances with other professional firms. We refined our brand identity to better explain what we do to more targeted sectors of the changing demographics of the NZ population.

Operations - We developed some flow charts enabling us to identify inefficient practices and to make sure that we adhere to the new rules by creating our Service Quality Model when dealing face-to-face with clients.

Finance - We analysed our financials and cash flow to strengthen our own financial plan for our advisory practice. We are interested in growing a certain level of passive income for the Directors.
Resources - We are now able to optimise the use of our current resources including office space and its use through analysing introducing more effective human resource practices."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Cole Murray



"I was looking for a tool to help me to elevate my business to the next level. Working with Dean I found the plan to be really practical and simple and it’s great because it tells you exactly what to do.

My plan is like the bible to me now, I have it with me most of the time and when I’m stuck or can’t remember something I can just flick through it and find the answer. In doing the plan and setting targets and goals, you make yourself accountable, and when you’re accountable you’re much more likely to achieve."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Creative Gardens


Engineering Firms

“The flow charts were fantastic. Now I can see what staff are doing, what they’re not and where they are going wrong. The flowcharts help staff to understand my expectations; it gives them some good direction and they know what they’ve got to do. Now I have got the staff thinking, they are enthusiastic and it has definitely lit a few fires. It’s really got everyone looking at how we can make the business better.”






"We changed some of our prices to meet Dean’s industry benchmarks and didn’t encounter any customer resistance. I can change the prices as I need to, and I know exactly where I’m at. The flow charts Dean went through were good, because it analyses the process of the task, not the individual. So if something goes wrong then you can address the process rather than the individual employee and fix problems permanently."

DaltonPlan Testimonial Corporate Caterers



"Before the business plan, we were questioning ourselves on many things. We feel a lot more at ease now and we have got a better grip on things. We had some good feedback from Dean, and he provided us with a strong direction for the business. He has followed our progress with the gym and he's also going to make sure the café gets started on the right track by supplying us with costings etc that also meet the DaltonPlan business benchmarks for the café industry."


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