DaltonPlan® is a New Zealand based business planning consultancy. Since 1999 we've helped thousands of New Zealand business owners, big and small, to improve their business performance.

You're looking at a Business Consultancy who will provide you with complete strategic and Business Planning Services based on a balanced combination of Harvard Business School practices and broad industry experience.



Start here with a Business Plan

You've got an idea – where do you start? 

Know right from the beginning, how you are going to establish your business, what you will charge and what you need to do from the very beginning.

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Work with a Business Mentor

You're the boss – sometimes it can be a bit lonely at the top.

Mentoring with DaltonPlan® gives you a fresh perspective, enables you to bounce ideas around and most of all it puts you on the right track to really make your business fly.

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Improve your Business Performance.

You're a New Zealand business owner and you need to grow your business.

We offer a complete Business Plan aimed at helping you to improve your understanding of how a successful business operates.

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Sell Your Business


You've worked hard and now you want to change direction.

Having a solid business plans underpins your business, making it easier to sell. The prospective buyer knows exactly what they are buying – no surprises.

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Become a DaltonPlan® Licensee


Do you want to help businesses to grow and become profitable?

We now offer the possibility for you to buy a DaltonPlan License. This would mean working closely alongside DaltonPlan, to provide local businesses with quality Business Action Plans.


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Immigrate to New Zealand by applying for an Entrepreneur Visa

If you meet the Points criteria for eligibility and want to immigrate to New Zealand on an Entrepreneur Visa to either, purchase an existing business or to set up your own business from scratch, then contact us. We work closely with you to develop a business plan that will help ensure that your new business venture will be a successful operation resulting in a positive outcome, after the required time period, for your visa application.

DaltonPlan® Business Benchmarks for Profitability
We educate you on how to achieve our proven DaltonPlan® Business Benchmarks for Profitability that are critical to ensuring your success in the New Zealand market. These include Gross Profit, Wages, Rent and Net Profit all as a percentage of Sales.

Included in the business plan are the four main areas of Marketing, Finance, Operations and Resources. We can put you in touch with a good bunch of professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, brand and web designers here in New Zealand to make your journey as hassle free as possible.

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calc.jpgBusiness Benchmarks

Download DaltonPlan® Benchmarks for your industry and compare your business to the country’s top performers.

 profit.jpgBusiness Plans

Are you a Café owner, builder or a plumber.  Download your business plan to start improving your business today.

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Download these guides so you can take a holiday, improve staff performance, increase your sales and profit.


Anyone can sell from this page. When you have an invention that you want to sell through us, simply get in contact and we’ll take it from there.

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IRD’s New Accounting Income Method (AIM)

July 2018:

Managing cash flow made simpler

AIM makes managing cash flow simpler because provisional tax payments are based on a business’s actual results, rather than on the previous year’s earnings or estimated earnings for the current year.

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Better Systems Mean More Freedom

June 2018:

Everyone wants to free up more time to be able to work on their business, not in it - and take a stress-free holiday. Everyone wants to work smarter, not harder. (See the way I managed to slip two old clichés into the same paragraph). They may be old, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not still true!

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arn about why new employees must sign their employment contract before they start work – it could save you a lot of time and money.

Business Experts Bureau


Who is a good fair accountant? Who is a dependable lawyer? Who is a great agency?

These companies are handpicked by us – solid, dependable – good people.